I’m the go-to girl for all things money. The one that always provides money advice and tips to my clients, friends and even strangers. I used to feel like a walking encyclopedia of information, because I constantly receive calls, texts and emails asking me how to navigate financial dilemmas. But I get it. There’s a reason people look to me for counsel, in this area. They trust experience. They want to hear from someone that has been through it, survived it and bounced back from it… especially when it comes to their finances.

Here’s the thing, I offer a unique perspective. I’ve faced and overcome just about every possible financial obstacle. Over time I came to realize that bad credit and financial misfortune does not mean that you’re a bad or irresponsible person. Sometimes, we make poor decisions and sometimes life just happens. I’ve learned that others, like you, can benefit from my experiences, trial and error and breakthroughs! …I’m also pretty sure that my financial knowledge and b-school education doesn’t hurt either.

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