I’m often asked ‘how did you discover your purpose in life?’ or ‘how did you know what you were passionate about?’ and I remember asking others this exact same question. I would watch other women and wonder how they knew what they were supposed to be doing… not even knowing if they actually knew or not.

But like most things, this was a journey that I had to take on my own. This lesson wasn’t learned from good advice or an epiphany moment because someone said something that resonated with me.  The truth is that as I began to understand just how purpose and passion work together, everything started to make sense.

In my early 20’s, I worked strictly to earn a living. I worked too many jobs to name, trying to find my way… but I never did. I couldn’t see myself moving up in any of the companies that I worked for and honestly, I didn’t have the desire to. There was something lacking. And although my primary objective (at that time) was a paycheck, I still had a burning desire to actually enjoy the work I was doing.

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