I am deeply passionate about the power of words.

I believe that words have the ability to usher in greatness or confound with chaos. How we choose to use our words often determines what manifests in our lives. Our thoughts follow the words that we speak and our actions propelled by thoughts – so when you think negatively or with a lack of confidence, you begin thinking the same way and eventually, your actions will mirror those thoughts. However, when you speak with positivity, confidence, and faith, think of the possibilities?

We all have memories of something someone once said to us that sparked a fire in us, to do something different.

How many times have you mentally returned to that conversation for reassurance, validation or motivation? I want to help you free yourself from the need for someone else to speak something profound into your life, but encourage you to speak life into your own heart, into your business, and into your future… with affirmations.

Meaningful words stay with us and show us why it’s so critically important to speak with intention and resolve; knowing that even if it’s not immediate, your words will ultimately have a profound effect on your life, present, and future. Speaking affirmations is not just an exercise in repetition. It’s more than the reciting words or phrases day in and day out… It’s an intimate process, where your words and what you believe align to manifest your hopes and desires.

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