One of my friends recently asked me what my biggest pet peeve was? Completely caught me off guard. It took me a moment to answer, because honestly, I’m not easily frazzled and there aren’t many things that get under my skin… especially those that don’t directly involve me. But if I’m being transparent, my number one pet peeve has to be complaining. It’s something that I have a really hard time accepting; because I know with certainty, that each of us has the ability to change any situation, that is not what we want it to be.

Don’t get me wrong. No one should ever have an opinion on how you spend your time. It doesn’t matter if you binge watch Netflix every weekend, or if you spend countless hours gossiping on the phone with a friend. It’s no one’s business but yours. It’s when, that’s what you’re doing with all of your time – and you’re genuinely confused about why you’re not walking in your purpose, making the money that you believe you deserve, and creating the life of your dreams… that’s when it’s time for a reality check.

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