I was speaking with a (entrepreneur) friend recently and she was complaining about not being able to find people to purchase her products. I was surprised at the tone she used. No matter what I said to try to reassure and encourage her, she was firm in saying that “it’s impossible,” and that “There’s nothing else that I can do.” The more she spoke, the more I realized that she was completely convinced that there was no other option. As she continued, I noticed that everything about her signaled defeat. From her posture to the words that she was using, she had already decided that she couldn’t win.

Not knowing all of the details (i.e.: how much effort she was actually putting in, what her marketing pitch was like… etc.), I had no way to really know what the root cause was; but, something was telling me that her goal was not impossible. She just hadn’t found her stride yet. I encouraged her to not give up, to stay motivated and to not take her eyes off of her goal! Despite what I had to say, as we ended the conversation, I was reminded of how we take for granted how easily our words can become our reality.

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