Remote working offers many benefits worth considering. It saves you the stress of beating rush hour to get to the office while allowing you to work without being micro-managed. It also offers a great work-life balance, increasing motivation and productivity.

It’s even better if you’re over 50, as you don’t have to worry about retiring if you aren’t ready to. Research indicates that flexible working options like remote work encourage older workers to postpone their retirement. The AARP also states that older workers prefer remote working instead of coming to the office. Fortunately, several jobs allow you to work from home, including the following. 

  • Tutor 

Do you have a penchant for instilling knowledge in people? If yes, then you may want to consider being a tutor. It’s also one of the best jobs for retired teachers and those who don’t want to keep working in school buildings. Being a tutor allows you to create your preferred work schedules without sacrificing other activities. What’s more, you determine how many students you wish to teach, your rates, and your teaching style. It can also be extremely rewarding to see your students excel in subjects they once struggled with. You also don’t have to be worried about boredom, as you will work with people requiring different teaching strategies to comprehend what they’re being taught.

  • Pet sitter 

Pet sitting is also another job you can consider if you enjoy spending time with or caring for animals. Not only will you make money doing what you love, but you can start your business without straining your finances. Likewise, you don’t require an office space, as you can work from home or in your clients’ homes. The American Pet Products Association indicated that approximately 90.5 million households own pets. That said, you can get many clients to patronize your services, especially if they have to travel or work for long hours. Pet sitting is also a great way to exercise regularly and promote health.

  • Travel consultant 

A travel consultant works with clients to organize and book travel reservations that suit their expectations and budget while offering helpful information regarding their travels. Being a travel consultant has perks worth considering. First, it’s an extremely flexible job that allows you to work from home instead of call centers or offices. Moreover, you can decide to start your travel consultancy business. You also have the opportunity to work part-time and seek other jobs to boost your income and enhance your financial stability. 

  • Virtual assistant 

If you enjoy administrative work, you can continue as a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant offers professional administrative services to clients from their homes or other remote locations. However, depending on their clients, they also offer technical and creative services. As a virtual assistant, you’ll be required to perform tasks like scheduling appointments, making travel arrangements, graphic design, etc. This job has a good earning potential as you aren’t limited to a fixed salary or hourly wage. Instead, you can make more depending on how much you work. Moreover, you only need a good computer and internet connection to start work. What’s more, you have the freedom to choose what tasks to undertake and clients to work with. 

  • Accountant

Gone are the days when accountants were confined to the traditional office setting. According to the BLS, many accountants are beginning to appreciate working from home. Indeed, you get to enjoy some level of autonomy while creating a more balanced work schedule. Also, you aren’t limited to a task as there are several areas that you can focus on and become an authority figure. For instance, bookkeepers record transactions and provide their clients monthly, quarterly and yearly reports. You can also consider becoming a payroll accountant, assisting your clients in paying their employees and tracking requests for leave of absence.

  • Paralegal 

A paralegal is responsible for undertaking legal administrative tasks. As a paralegal, you’re required to prepare legal documents, conduct legal research, interview witnesses, litigation, arbitration, etc. Although they are essential to the legal industry, they aren’t lawyers, so keep this in mind. It’s not uncommon for paralegals to work in the traditional office setting. However, you don’t have to, as you can still perform your duties from your home. The BLS indicates that the employment rate for remote paralegals is expected to grow by 12% in the next decade.

  • Customer service representative 

Every business strives to provide top-notch services to its customers. However, small or emerging businesses may not be financially ready to hire in-house customer representatives, causing them to work with third-party service providers. Therefore, you can have a lucrative career by working as a virtual customer service representative. You would be tasked with helping customers get the right products and attend to inquiries, complaints, and feedback.