Being healthy is a constant goal for most of us. We’ve all beat ourselves up for not being able to get back on track after a mimosa-filled brunch or a little too much Haagan Daz. To get healthy, we often look for a quick fix.  However, there are several simple routines that can help to ensure you feel motivated, fit, and fabulous.

Here are some tried and true methods for getting back on track and staying there:

Set Goals & Plan Ahead 

Healthy ladies have a weekly plan. They don’t beat themselves up for not keeping to the plan every day, but they know that if they commit to going to the gym or taking their favorite class a couple of days a week, they won’t skip out. They also set aside some time once a week to plan out their healthy meals. These goals could include career goals, supporting a friend through drug rehab, exercising more, or simply having more time for self-care. 

Regular Physical Activity

Isn’t it obvious? Get up and leave! Exercise offers numerous benefits, including endorphin release, weight control, improved sleep, greater memory, vitality, and self-confidence, whether it is a stroll, yoga, run, spinning, dance, kickboxing, hiking, or swimming. Remember to listen to your body and undertake exercises that feel good to you. If yoga appeals to you, choose your favorite studio and make it a regular practice. Whatever sort of exercise you select, it’s critical to be consistent in order to make it a habit and something you look forward to. Find a gym friend who enjoys the same forms of exercise that you do to hold you accountable.

Keep Stress At Bay

Stress presents itself in our bodies in a variety of detrimental ways, ranging from weight gain to anxiety and mood changes. Understanding what stresses you out and how it impacts your body is critical for your overall health. Understanding your stress triggers will enable you to take prompt action. Find strategies to relax and calm your mind, as well as activities that will help you de-stress.


Because our bodies are mostly composed of water, we must drink plenty of it to stay healthy. Despite having plenty of clean water, many of us are chronically dehydrated. Water is necessary for appropriate circulation, digestion, and healthy skin, as well as transporting other nutrients throughout your body. So, how much should you consume? Cut your body current weight in half to get the number of ounces you need. You’ll want to drink more if you’re exercising and sweating out your H20. Drink 8 oz more for every hour of workout.