When you buy a new home initially you may love everything about it. You may even like the layout, the space, or the neighborhood; but you probably won’t like everything. Because unless you really lucked out, you will likely find that your first home is not a perfect match for you.

After all, everyone is different and what is the height of good taste for one person is not necessarily so for the next person. That means, if you want your home to truly feel like yours, you will need to do a little decorating or remodeling to make your home more you.

Below you will find some simple ways of bringing your home more in line with your personal style and taste:

  1. work out your architectural style

If you want to go big, when remodeling your home and adding an architectural feature or two is an excellent way to do that. Read up on Anton Kalafati discussing modern architectural design, look at a few magazines or Insta accounts, work out whether you’re more of a constructivist or neo-expressionist, and add an archway or unusually shaped window to really put your stamp on the place in a big way.

  1. move the furniture around

If you’re looking for an easy way to customize your space, try rearranging your furniture. It’s amazing how different a space can feel when you place the couch in front of the window instead of facing the TV. Or, how much larger a room can feel with adequately sized furniture. 

  1. create your own wallpaper

If you love bold prints but there’s nothing to your taste in the stores, why not design your own wallpaper? There are numerous services that will do this for you. And it means you can create rooms that are totally you and are also completely unique. No one else will ever have the same wallpaper hanging in their home as you do in yours!

  1. find artwork you love

Another very effective way of personalizing your home to your taste is by commissioning a unique piece of artwork to hang in each room. From bold and eye-catching abstracts to simple landscapes, anything you love will help to make the home feel more you.

  1. focus on the little touches

If you like your decor, but it’s not quite you, then accessories might be what you need.