When you feel good on the inside, you look good on the outside, and vice versa. Therefore, it pays to invest a little time and effort in your appearance, especially if you want to be successful. 

But how do you always look your best? That’s the big question. We’ve all known times in our lives when we look fantastic on the weekend after a good sleep and plenty of relaxation. But how do you carry that forward through the week and still look great even after putting in multiple back-to-back grueling shifts at work? 

Let Go Of The Pressure Of Looking Good

Rule number one is to let go of the pressure of always feeling like you have to look good. That can create stress in its own right. The need to leave the house every day looking perfect can eventually take its toll and become too much to handle. 

Take a step back from the emotion and simply allow the other tips we outline in this article to take their effect. Ultimately, you want to look good, but you don’t want to feel attached to looking good. If you have a bad day, it’s no big deal.


Stick To Your Skincare Routine

If you live in a colder, northern climate, it can take its toll on your skin. Dryness, flakiness, and sores can all take their toll. 

The trick here is to use a proven skincare routine that has been clinically shown to work. You don’t need to apply dozens of products every day: the basics will suffice. 

Most dermatologists recommend the following three items in your skincare routine: SFP, cleanser, and moisturizer. You need sunscreen to protect you against UV, a cleanser for removing makeup, and a moisturizer to stop the cold weather or low humidity from drying out your skin. 


Keep Your Style Simple

Getting a haircut that takes you fifteen minutes or more to style each day is a major time-waster. Eventually, you’ll get to the point where you simply don’t want to do it anymore. 

That’s why learning how to braid hair is so important. All you need to do is tie it back and you’re ready to face the day, looking totally professional at the same time. 

If braiding isn’t your thing, then a classic, easy-to-maintain haircut is the next best option. You want to avoid styles that have you reaching for the straightening iron every day. 

Take Back Control Of Your Body Language

Body language can reveal how we feel, even if our words don’t. What’s more, it can actually influence our emotions, putting us in either a positive or negative mood, depending on how we behave. 

You can observe this yourself with a little experiment. Try slouching and hanging your head low, like you are depressed. You’ll notice that you soon feel dejected and down-hearted. 

Now try jumping up and down or dancing, as if you are elated. Again, you’ll notice that your mood becomes more positive.
Smart women leverage this knowledge throughout the day. They use body language to both convey a sense of confidence but also inspire their mood. Top tips include keeping your arms uncrossed and making a suitable amount of eye contact. Holding your body upright and straight also makes you look good. 

Only Buy Well-Made Clothes That Suit Your Body Type

In an effort to keep up with the latest fashion, many women buy clothes that don’t fit them. They want to be stylish and wear what everyone else is wearing, but they wind up blowing their budgets on unflattering items. 

The trick here is to ignore passing trends and stick with timeless classics that work for your frame. Ideally, you want a minimalist wardrobe with only the essentials that you need to look your best. Try mixing and matching various pieces in your wardrobe and see if they go together. Avoid fad fashion. You may wind up wearing an item of clothing just once before having to discard it. 

Deploy Makeup Strategies The Bring Out Your Best Features

Refining a makeup routine that works for you can take many years, particularly if you evolve your own style. However, you can accelerate the process by going for a professional makeup consultation. 

Remember, you don’t need to overdo the makeup. Just a few basic techniques added to your skincare routine are all you need to bring out your best features naturally. 

If you apply makeup that looks too thick, it will actually inhibit your natural beauty from shining through. Keep your makeup routine light and simple. Not only will people notice, but it is also friendlier to your budget.