When you are looking for a home to rent with your pet, it can be a little harder than renting without one. Many landlords are reluctant to let properties to pet owners, due to concerns about smells or damage. However, there are a number of things that you can do to make the house-hunting process as simple as possible to show potential landlords that you are a responsible pet owner and tenant. 

don’t get down to the wire

If you’re looking for dog friendly apartments or any other rental that will accept pets, give yourself plenty of time. Start searching at least six to eight weeks before you need to move out of your current home, as these properties can be popular when they do come on the market. 

be flexible

The more restrictive your search criteria are, the more difficult it will be for you to find a pet-friendly property. Try to be flexible about location and property type as this will increase your chances of finding somewhere suitable for you and your pet to live.

provide all the details

Provide the prospective landlord with as much information about your pet as you can. Include details of your vet and someone who can care for your pet in an emergency. Include details of your pet’s vaccinations and any flea and worming treatments they have had. 

get references

By providing a reference from your previous landlord, you can show that your pet is well behaved and hasn’t caused any issues in your previous property. This will show that you are a responsible pet owner. 

try an introduction

Meeting your pet in advance could put your landlord’s mind at ease. You could invite them to your current home so they can see that your pet hasn’t caused any problems there. This can be especially important for dogs, as you can show that your dog is well-behaved. 

be honest

Don’t try to sneak your pet in without permission. It’s never advisable to keep a pet on the property without the landlord’s permission. This will only cause problems for you in the future and could result in your tenancy being terminated. Always be honest about your pets from the start. 

be sure the agreement is in writing

If your landlord has given permission to keep a pet on the property, make sure to get it in writing. Ask for a clause to be added to your tenancy agreement and make sure that any clause that bans pets from the property is removed. This will prevent problems from arising in the future.