Having an effective social media policy is important should be a top priority. Social media is one of the best ways to get recognized. Businesses have a platform to tell about themselves such as their mission and goals while at the same time also getting to create a branding image and loyal customer base.

Having a clear social media policy needs to have high importance on your list. It’s important because of the potential of embarrassment or a bad reputation. Your employees are the face of your company just as much as you are. You want to ensure your company’s safety and a policy can do just that. So how exactly can this get done? Here’s how:

educate your employees

It’s important to educate all of your employees on this and just don’t simply make assumptions. Educate them that whatever is said on social media sticks, you can delete it, but it’s still out there forever.  If an employee violates the terms and conditions of a platform, this is also going to reflect back on the company as well. It’s even worse if they’re using the company profile as well. This is how the use of social media can hurt or could save your career.

don’t blur the lines 

While it’s understandable if your employees have personal accounts meant for friends, family, and other followers, it’s still very important to let them know that the lines are still blurred. Whatever they post in their personal profiles can still bleed through into their professional lives and interests. Unfortunately, employees who portray or express themselves on social media can lead to negative professional consequences, even if it’s not their boss that’s giving them the consequences. It can be difficult to understand that the lines are blurred but educate your employees on the importance of this.

it’s okay to engage with the company

Did you know that some employees simply don’t engage on social platforms due to thinking that they may not be allowed to? It’s important to let your employees know that they can have social media accounts and they’re allowed to engage with the company posts. Having employees engage with the company on social media can help you develop your brand awareness. So welcome employee engagement with open arms.