We don’t often think about the sea as a place to work. Instead, we picture offices, factories, warehouses, and even working from home. It’s not often that we consider farming or taking a job at sea. But there are thousands of jobs in the maritime sector – and some of them are very exciting. 

What are the benefits of working in the maritime sector?

One of the most significant benefits is that since it isn’t an often considered career choice, there are many job opportunities. Many of them are land-based if that is your preference. However, there are many benefits, including travel opportunities, adventures, outdoor living, higher starting wages, often better benefits (health and dental), and career flexibility. 

Even more interesting is that they have some of the leading diversity options, like Volvo Penta and their Women in Tech campaign. 

So if you are looking for a career that isn’t your standard office job, here are some great options. 


There are many roles for lecturers, instructors, and teachers. You’ll need to have some experience if you choose to take on this role. Your knowledge will be something that you have learned through experience and your studies. 

Making you a highly valuable asset for instructing and aiding the next generation of those looking for a maritime career. 

Rather than have hands-on teaching, you may prefer to write about your experiences. Maybe start a blog or author a book.


There are multiple management roles in the maritime industry, and it will depend on the company that you choose as to what is available. 

You can opt for ship management, where you will manage things like safety, quality, technical aspects, commercial dealings, crewing, and financing. Shipping companies are happy to pay a great salary as it is a highly-skilled role. 

Alternatively, you might prefer jobs that focus on the harbor and ports. It’s a fast-paced environment, and some roles can be highly technical. 

It’s not just the maritime industry that is seeing a push for more women; here are some other industries where women are leading the way: women are making changes in these industries – Tiffany Nicole Forever