Women make their mark every single day. There are several industries where women are rising up and making a huge difference. A lot of the time, these differences go unnoticed. Women are responsible for major changes in vaccines, medicine, politics, sports, and the world of art, however, many times, the spotlight is placed on others. 

Women are not staying quiet, instead, they are using their voices to be heard and make major changes.

Here are the places where women’s influences are causing a huge splash. 

The Art World

It is said that 87% of the artists in museums are male. For people like Frederica Wald who have published articles shedding light on this subject, more and more female artists are now emerging. Artists like Amy Sherald who painted Michelle Obama’s official portrait and famous photographers like Annie Leibovitz who has taken photographs of just about every important person in the world are now being showcased for their major contributions to the art world. 

Climate Change

Greta Thunberg has made stopping climate change her number one concern. She’s relentless in her activism and her voice is being heard. Greta is one of many women who are using their knowledge to influence the industry. She’s creating solutions for already existing problems. Women, like Greta, are now changing the narrative alongside men to make the biggest changes our world has ever seen. 

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Women have been fighting for equality in sports for decades. Today, women like Serena Williams dominate their respective sports. Women are just as competitive, if not overall better performers than their male counterparts.

Women like the members of the US Women’s Soccer Team, have also fought for and achieved equal pay as men showing how women are using their voices and using their talents to dominate sports and add to its history.