To start a business or not? The pandemic has made us all question our career choices. Many people are now looking to take control of their lives by starting a business. And for many people, especially during the financial crisis after 2008, there was a significant spike in people starting their own businesses because people had no choice. So is starting a business an excellent option when you are undergoing tough times, but also what do you need to consider? 

Choosing an Industry That Is “Evergreen”

There are many types of businesses that thrive during tough economic times. However, it’s important that before you start, you conduct the relevant research as you may need to spend a significant amount of money to get your business up and running. But you also need to look at that bigger picture, such as the impact on your family. Is it something you can really do right now? CEOs like Shawn Meaike saw the impact of the pandemic on families and unemployment rising and counted themselves lucky they didn’t have the same issues with their businesses during the pandemic. And this is possible because his company, Family First Life, is in an industry that is “evergreen” as they have to provide support to others. An evergreen industry is by no means a golden ticket, but it can certainly start you in the right direction. 

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Ensuring You Know Everything About Your Situation

It sounds like a massive task but so many people start businesses because they are desperate. If you need to start earning money, you can get the ball rolling. It’s certainly possible to start a business in a really short time but you’ve got to make sure that you are approaching it with the right attitude. Because if you’re so desperate for money that you’re just trying to grab anything that sticks, this is not a good approach and will be the undoing of you. Instead, you have to take a premeditated approach. Because business is stressful, look at the people out there that have made successes of themselves during tough times. These are big companies like General Motors. But you need to look at starting a business that you can effectively have control over. So ask people to look at your business plan before getting any financing. 

Marketing Is the Most Important Aspect at the Start

Getting the product right is essential but marketing is what grows the business. And when we experience tough financial times we can actually market a company for next to nothing. It requires knowledge of the right SEO tools and the willingness to learn them. 

The fact is that before launching your business you’ve got to look at your circumstances. Starting a business is not key to escaping financial hardship because many businesses go under. But this is why you’ve got to differentiate yourself from everybody else in the same position as you.