Business owners need to keep on finding new ways to encourage their teams. Unless your employees are motivated, they are unlikely to thrive. Unproductive employees will lose your business money. There are so many reasons to invest in the happiness and productivity of your staff. If you’re looking for a few ideas to get more out of your team, focus on these seven ideas.

1 . Invest in training

If you’re keen to get more out of your team you must invest in their training. It’s not enough to hire capable staff and be done with it, you need to help your employees to develop their skills. There are many different ways that you can deliver training, you might use a third-party training provider, or develop your own learning materials. Using video conferring tools you can deliver effective training and onboarding without blowing your budget. There are plenty of benefits to investing in staff training such as:

  • Well-trained staff provides a better service, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.
  • Helpful to improve employee retention and reduce turnover.
  • Investing in your staff helps you to build a more productive company.

  1. Focus on wellbeing 

To get the most out of your team, you must provide the right wellbeing support. You might offer wellbeing workshops, or provide corporate wellbeing tools. Such tools can help your employees to prioritize their physical health, mental health, and emotional health. Using wellbeing tools you can help your employees to improve work-life balance.

  1. Lean methodologies 

If you want to get the most out of your team you need to provide them with the right working environment. Using lean methodologies you can boost productivity levels, and empower your team. So what exactly are lean methodologies? One of the key methodologies is the 5S system. It’s one of the key visual organization solutions for industrial workspaces. The system helps companies to reduce waste, and boost productivity. The strategy focuses on five organizational steps which include ‘sort, straighten, shine and standardize’.

  1. Employee engagement software 

To run a successful company you need engaged employees. Unless your employees are engaged it’s unlikely that they’ll produce creative work. The best thing to do is to use employee engagement software. The software helps you to offer employee rewards and recognition, a great way to boost morale. There are plenty of benefits of using employee engagement software including:

  • A great way to improve your onboarding processes.
  • Can empower your employees, giving them a voice.
  • Can boost productivity and increase retention.

  1. Improve company culture

Businesses with a strong company culture need to have happier and more engaged teams. There are plenty of different ways that you can improve your company culture including:

  • Help your teams to set career goals within the company.
  • Organize social events, to help your employees bond.
  • Remove hierarchies where possible, help everyone to feel equal.
  • Prioritize inclusivity and diversity.
  • Collect feedback from your teams and use it.
  • Help your staff to make a difference in the wider community.

  1. Improve your workspace

Improving your workspace is another way to improve the productivity of your team. If your staff work in the office, there are plenty of different ways to can improve your workspace:

  • Make sure that your staff has ergonomic desks, (to improve comfort and prevent injuries).
  • Decorate your office to enhance well-being, use plants, artwork, and bright colors.
  • Remove any clutter and maximize space where possible.
  • Standing desks can be a useful tool to raise productivity levels.
  • Flood your office with natural night, and use air purifiers.

  1. Create autonomous teams

Autonomous teams are teams that have the freedom to set goals and organize their own activities. You’ll want to do less micromanaging and more encouraging. Over the past few years, autonomous teams have become more popular, and there are many benefits:

  • Employees can take pride in their work and become more independent.
  • Autonomous teams help staff to be more creative.
  • Eliminates overbearing leadership styles and helps to boost morale.
  • Easier for employees to experiment with new concepts and activities.
  • Can be helpful to improve motivation.