Work-life balance is hard to achieve and even in 2022, there are still challenges that working women have to overcome every day. For example, many women have to walk a fine line between being considered aggressive and rude while still maintaining a healthy ambition. Gender bias can make it more difficult for women to advance, even if they’re equally or more qualified than male competitors. 

Everyone has to deal with work-life balance to an extent, as it’s a natural part of being in the workforce. However, this balance is possibly even more elusive for female employees.

Work-Life Balance and Women

One study suggests that work-life balance is related to something known as role conflict. This term refers to the idea that family and work domains clash with one another. The stress from work leads to fatigue and other issues, which makes it harder to manage other parts of life, namely family life.

Traditionally, women have been responsible for most of the family responsibilities. While this has changed to some extent, working women are still often the ones who take on more housework and childcare responsibilities. 

Even if they aren’t, a woman who has a family is sometimes considered less committed to their work when compared to a father in a similar situation. This can cause them to be held back from certain opportunities. Even women without children can find that there is a bias against them because they might start a family. 

The Dangers of Burnout

Neglecting your work-life balance can lead to something called burnout. This may start as the seemingly ordinary stress that you’d expect from a hard week at work. You may feel irritable and tired, but you can otherwise function okay. 

The issue comes when this stress and fatigue don’t go away. If you continue, then they will only get worse.

Eventually, you may begin to experience physical symptoms of burnout. 

How to Maintain Your Work-Life Balance

One of the most important ways to manage your work-life balance is to be self-aware. Know your warning signs, and learn your limits before you bend and break them by pushing yourself too far. 

If you have a partner, then talk to them about your concerns. For example, if you’re taking on the lion’s share of the household chores, then ask for help. 

However, the primary issue may lie in the work side of things. For example, if you are working two jobs to make ends meet you might feel trapped in an impossible situation. 

In this situation, then improving your financial situation may allow you to lessen your workload and to dedicate more time to yourself and your family. Budgeting and debt management techniques can help you to reduce the amount of pressure on you. Consider contacting wealth management firms for more advice on strengthening your finances.