If you’re not sure how to stay productive and practice proper self-care, we have some tips to help. Being productive is key to the success of your career, but it’s not something that should come at the expense of your mental or physical health. If you want to find out more about getting this balance right, read on now.

look into flexible work options

If you have the option to work flexible hours or to work from home take it. We all find it easier to practice self-care when we have some control over how we balance work with our personal lives. Flexibility is often one of the key factors in making that balance possible, so make the most of it.

take care of your body

It’s obviously very important that you’re putting the right things into your body day after day when you’re in the work environment. First of all, that means keeping yourself properly hydrated at all times; that’s something that you definitely can’t afford to overlook. You should also be eating light and healthy lunches so that you don’t feel too lethargic as the afternoon drags on.

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be prepared

It’s best to always be prepared for whatever the day might throw at you in terms of your health. That might mean having some painkillers at hand so that a headache doesn’t ruin your productivity or making sure you have the right sanitary products and panty liners with wings when they’re needed. It’s easy to have your day disrupted by health matters, but you can mitigate them by being prepared.

take breaks

When you get a break at work, leave your desk. Get up, move around, and get some fresh air. Doing that is so much better for you and will help you feel much better about yourself. That time away also makes it possible to come back refreshed and in a much better headspace once your break is over and done with.

speak up

If you’re ever feeling stressed or overwhelmed in any way, you should try to speak to your manager about this. They might be able to help you out by reducing your workload or something like that. People are often scared to speak out and admit these things. But, you’ll never sort it out if you bottle it up and pretend everything is fine. It’s better to address the issue head-on.