The workplace is changing but that doesn’t always mean that it’s getting better. Gender bias still exists and women are still towing the line between being ambitious and coming off as aggressive.  Here are 4 issues that women are still navigating up even in today’s new workplace.

women are often labeled in the workplace

Women are stereotyped as naturally conflict-avoidant. Often when a woman is involved in a dispute with someone else, she is labeled the aggressor. Research shows that when women get into a conflict, they are likely to bear the grunt for it even more than a man would. As a woman in the workplace, you need to be prepared to be seen as the aggressor when conflicts arise. It does not matter whose fault it was. 

workplace gender bias still exists

Women in the workplace often receive negative labels. If a woman has children to focus on, people usually consider them less committed to their work. As a result, women are often not seen as great career choices for companies with a strong need for workers who can stay late or travel for business trips. While it is true that many women do have children and don’t want to neglect them, employers should not view this as a negative. Women who want to be mothers should not feel like they are ever putting their children ahead of their jobs. If you ever face any gender bias at work, you have the right to complain about it. You can get the help of an employment attorney to help you through your grievances and stand up for yourself.

there aren’t enough women in leadership in the workplace

Women in the workplace have so often proved their capabilities. Unfortunately, most of the top positions belong to men. As a result, many women in the workplace feel that they aren’t being valued for their work and may have to prove themselves repeatedly.

 When an organization does not have enough women in top positions of authority, the younger female workers may not see how to succeed in the workplace. It, therefore, becomes more difficult for younger women to fight against gender discrimination. 

today’s workplace is different but not always better

Women sometimes have a hard time negotiating terms of employment that match their needs. They often feel obligated to accept less generous terms than they would like. However, it’s important to remember that you have the right to negotiate your benefits package.  Never settle for less than your worth.

Women in the workplace have a lot to deal with, and it’s only getting harder. As society changes and women continue to work hard, organizations will have to follow suit. You need to know how to handle being mistreated at work if you face discrimination. One way you may consider is getting help from an attorney. An employment attorney can assist you through the problem and ensure that you receive the payment you deserve.