When you empower the female entrepreneur you create more opportunities for everyone. With approximately 12.3 million thriving businesses that are women-owned and there’s so much room for growth.

To help you be a part of  that growth, we’ve compiled a few helpful tips on ways to empower your business:

empower others by sharing your journey

Starting a small business and maintaining success over the years, are two distinct things. For many entrepreneurs, success stories are motivating and needed. But people also want to be a part of your journey. 

That’s why it’s so important to not just showcase the wins but also the process it took to get there. Other women need to see that they are not alone in the struggles they face in business. By sharing you let your path to success inspire others.

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upgrade your digital skills

Things have changed quickly over the past few years. Almost all business is highly driven by technology; and not just in marketing. From how businesses process transactions to how we market our business, we’re heavily integrated into the digital world. 

However, there are forums like weforum.org that say women remain at the low end of digital enlightenment. Even if this seems odd to you, it’s definitely something that should give you pause. Having digital skills is as important now as knowing how to read and write. Therefore, you empower others when you make digital skills a priority for you and your business.

get in front of your financial options

It’s no secret that female entrepreneurs have more difficulty accessing funding than men do. But did you know that they may also face other financial challenges that ultimately impede their ability to grow? From dealing with the demands of agents from a collection agency for small businesses to having to personally guarantee their business financing, the financial roadblocks are endless.