Over the past year and a half, many of us felt we lost our creative sense of purpose. Stuck inside, isolated from your family and friends, it was easy to feel that all the things that made you you had suddenly all gone away. 

For many people, their work became their life. That one thing was the primary focus of their lives. Yet even this one thing had changed. For many, our work was completed remotely. For others, there was no work at all… the whole scope of life had changed, and with it, people changed too.

Losing a sense of identity and purpose isn’t a new thing. Many women feel they lose their identity slightly when they go through big life changes. Having children or getting married can be times where many women feel they lose themselves a little. You might feel like you’ll never get the person you were back. Sometimes this is true. But there are ways back to the person you were before the pandemic, or before you went through a big life change. There are also ways to find a new sense of purpose and to grow as a woman.

A great starting place for rebuilding your sense of purpose is through creative pursuits.

Why will creative pursuits help me regain a sense of purpose?

Creativity is a wonderful tool for building identity.

Think about it: children are constantly creative – playing and making and creating. All these things they do as children form the person they become as an adult. So, if you’re feeling you’ve lost yourself, it makes sense to go back to the methods you used as a child.

Creativity is vital for purpose and identity for several reasons.

It breeds passion. It also helps you develop values and skills.

Women tend to give constantly to others. We are raised to help other people, even when it requires us to sacrifice ourselves. Don’t get me wrong—helping others is a beautiful, selfless character trait—but when women feel they’ve lost a sense of identity because they’re always putting others before themselves, something needs to change. By taking up a creative pursuit, you are doing something wholly for yourself. This allows you to spend time selfishly—thinking about and creating the person you want to be, outside of the thoughts of others.

By taking up a creative pursuit, you’ll become a better person, a happier person, and a more self-aware person. But which creative pursuits are available to you, and how might you go about starting with them?


Art comes in many forms and is a creative outlet that’s easy to start. It is a great way to gain a sense of purpose or identity because it forces you to focus. If you like to draw, you might go out and sketch a tree in your local park. If you like to paint portraits, you might sit with a friend and paint them. These acts of creativity require you to look out at the world around you and notice it more than you ever would if you weren’t pursuing creativity.


For people who feel a little lost, writing is a great creative pursuit. Writing allows you to get all your thoughts and feelings out of your head and onto the page. It is also an easy pursuit you can start immediately. There are many different ways you can use writing as a creative outlet. One of the easiest ways to start is to begin to journal. This one practice will help you find your writing voice and give you an outlet for personal reflection.

You can also try creative writing. This could be in the form of a novel, a short story, or poetry. Creative writing is excellent for developing your imagination. You might write about fantasy worlds or the everyday scenario of a train journey. Either way, coming up with locations, people, and dialogue will give you a moment of escapism while also developing your language skills. If you work on a more extended project, you’ll find a sense of purpose returning to you as you spend each day wondering what you’ll write for your characters next.

Making clothes

For those who feel they haven’t ever accomplished anything, making clothes is a great pursuit. Though there’s definitely a learning curve, once you’ve mastered it, you’ll better understand why so many people love it.

Making clothes often has high starting costs. There are materials, tools, and equipment that you’ll need to get started. However, it will pay off over time due to all the money you save from buying clothes and shoes online.


Learning to dance will return your sense of purpose, as it allows for the space to get better. When you first start learning to dance—no matter the style—you’ll be a beginner, and therefore, probably not very good.

But with each week, you’ll get better and better. The desire to go back to classes and improve your skills will immediately bring a sense of purpose to your life, for sure.  Your first job is to figure out what style you want to learn. Then, look out for local classes, or just find a tutorial on YouTube, and grab a friend to join you.  

Finding a new creative pursuit can change your life

Hopefully, by reading about some creative pursuits you could take up, you’ve found one that struck a chord with you. Finding the right creative practice can alter your life. No more questioning why you carry on each day—you have a new answer now!