Have you ever considered what it could mean for you at home to make your own clothes? From making-it-to-wear to making-it-to-sell, ethical and sustainable fashion should be a priority for you. Taking the plunge to start a business is hard enough, but if you know you’re doing it because you are offering something that will be great for the rest of the world, then why not make your own clothing? 

From choosing the best fabric swatch samples to picking a mannequin that works for your chosen style and age of clothing, you have a lot of decisions to make. Making your own clothing is going to change the game for you, whether you are selling them or not. So, with this in mind, here are some of the best reasons that you need to make your own clothes!

choose the right materials

Because you choose the material, you control the quality and the comfort. So if you prefer 100% cotton, you’re able to make your items in all-cotton. Or, if you’re environmentally conscious, you can avoid fabrics treated with harmful chemicals. 

fight against waste

A few fabric scraps can always be leftover when you choose to make your own clothes and with these, you can make reusable sanitary wear or diapers. You can fight against waste by reusing and reducing what you use as much as possible. You can even choose to make garments that will sell really well and help others. 

ensure your clothing is high quality

When you make your own clothes, you don’t have to pay designer prices for high quality clothing. Instead, you control the design, fit, and feel of your clothes. 

give up fast fashion

When you’re on a limited budget, fast fashion is likely your go-to for new clothes. However, there are ethical and quality issues associated with fast fashion. Learning to create your own clothes helps you save money and control the creative process.