Arguments are a normal part of a relationship. It would be quite rare to find a couple that has had a long-term committed relationship without experiencing frictionUnfortunately though, in some cases, arguments can become a little too common. When this happens it can start to weigh heavily on your relationship. 

A recent conversation with a divorce attorney near me about the leading reasons people break up revealed that most don’t have the skills to communicate effectively or to navigate conflict. 

In this post, we take a look at some of the methods you can use to start minimizing the fighting and improving your relationship with each other. 


Therapy isn’t just for people who’ve been in traumatic or abusive situations. It’s also for couples who love each other but need help in certain areas. 

A good therapist may be good for you and your partner. They’re often able to diagnose problems and then provide you with steps to fix them. Third-party experts can often provide you with insights that you would never have obtained by yourself. 

time apart

During the pandemic, many of us were around our partner 24-hours a day. Being with their significant other around the clock may have been stressful for some.  As things are getting better, maybe it’s time to spend a little time apart.  successful couples spend a lot of time apart and then only spend quality time together when they are at their best. 

Whether it’s getting back to your hobbies or being able to spend time with friends and family again, a little time away could do both of you some good. 

take a step back

We all grow up in a culture where we believe that we have to win arguments with other people at all costs. But when you take a step back, you soon see that this isn’t the case. You don’t actually have to win any arguments at all. Instead, all you need to do is search creatively for a solution to the problem. 

The desire to win in a relationship can become toxic. When what matters is dominating the other person (and not reconciling with them), your relationship quality will deteriorate. Take a step back to think carefully about the situation. Cool off a little and let your emotions settle back down before you continue communicating.

don’t cross lines

In relationships, you should never cross certain lines. Don’t call your partner names, don’t shout, and don’t swear at them in anger. If you allow yourself to lose control, you could do irreparable damage, making it difficult to rescue the relationship at all.