The pandemic forced so many businesses to close and, for most people, this was new territory. Some business owners have had to decide overnight how to manage the closure. And most were left considering how long they could sustain without having the doors open

Hopefully, we won’t find ourselves in the same position again, but that doesn’t mean your business is completely safe. There are all sorts of unexpected events that could force your business to close and you need to be ready. So, what should you do when circumstance means your business has to close?

Communicate With Customers And Employees

You’ve probably heard this a million times, but the importance of keeping your messaging calm and measured in uncertain times cannot be overstated. Your customers and employees will naturally be concerned about the situation. Every member of staff will be worrying about whether they still have a job or not, so good communication is important. Be upfront about the situation and keep everybody in the loop throughout. 

Make Insurance Claims

Hopefully, you have insurance to cover you in this situation. If you are closed down due to a fire or a flood, you will need to make a claim on your contents insurance. You should hopefully have business interruption insurance to cover loss of earnings too. The funds from the insurance claims will help you keep your head above water, so get the process started right away. Be prepared for the insurance company to challenge your claim too. If they are not willing to pay, you should get in touch with some insurance claim attorneys to help you state your case. Insurance claims can take a while to go through, so you can’t rely on the money immediately. The sooner you put your claim in, the sooner you’ll get your money. 

Consider Alternative Business Models

If your business is forced to close, you may need to consider alternative business models that can see the company through this period. You could look for different business premises to operate from or maybe take your operation online. You might not be able to bring in as much revenue as you were before, but if you can continue to be profitable, it makes it a lot easier to stay afloat. 

Create A Plan For Reopening

Ideally, you want to be able to reopen your business as soon as possible. Your customers and employees will be really keen for that day to arrive. So, it’s important that you have a plan in place before a closure happens. This way, you can implement it right away when you reopen. If there is any damage to the premises, get things fixed and spruce up the place. Get the website up and running again. Ensure you have enough physical products to accommodate customers, if applicable. If you are not able to reopen right away, make sure you come up with a plan for getting back to normal as soon as possible.