Starting a small business can come with many obstacles. There are plenty of trials for anyone creating a startup, including finding startup funds. If you’re looking into ways to finance your venture, there are options available to fund your dreams.

research available grants

Grants are one of the best ways to fund a dream. Some grants need to be paid back but many of them are similar to a scholarship. There are plenty of grants such as the Amber Grant that helps an entrepreneurial woman reach their goal of funding their small business; and a US government agency that focuses on Minority Business Development.  There are plenty of networks and foundations out there that are readily available to help out women who are striving to keep their goals alive.


While it may be difficult to navigate the funding of your business through paying out of pocket, sometimes it has to be the case. This is what many do when they seek to create their own business. They may either slowly begin funding their business by just purchasing little by little over time, or they’ll put back money and continue working their other job so they can fund their future business. Beginning a small business can start as a side project while you continue working your other job. Another way that you can fund starting up a business yourself would be through selling your personal belongings, stocks, crypto, and or even diving into your savings account.

ask for help

Each of us has a different familial situation. However, you may be able to ask those close to you to invest in your endeavor.  This can be a loan with a personal guarantee. It can be very difficult however to mix business with friendships because there is always the possibility that you may struggle to pay back the money that was loaned to you, especially if you’re dealing with struggles such as paying for a car crash lawyer. Others may give you money as a gift. Regardless of how it’s done, be sure to provide the proper paperwork.


Crowdfunding has grown in popularity over the years. Depending on what your dream is, you may be able to receive funds with ease. Many entrepreneurs use creative videos to share the vision for their business on sites like Indigogo and Kickstarter.