Working from home has become a staple for many of us, but did you know that there are some negative health effects associated with it? A lot of us overlook the importance of maintaining a healthy body when we start working from home because we begin to rely on convenience for a lot of things. The regular activity that we engaged in when commuting to the office is gone, and some of the better habits we developed have long since disappeared.

So how exactly does working from home harm our bodies, and what can we do to stop it?

Bad posture when working at home

Many of us develop bad posture when working from home. It’s usually because we don’t pay much attention to where we work or the optimal conditions to do work. For example, some of us might sit on the floor working on our laptops. Others may find that using a laptop strains their neck because they’re constantly looking down at the screen.

If you’re developing a stiff neck or if your back has been in pain since you started working at home, then it may be worth looking at your posture to see how you can improve it. This should lead to less pain and ultimately make you more comfortable when working at home. It may also be important to swap out your home office furniture for something more suitable that assists your posture.

Lack of movement can lead to a lazy body

One of the side effects of working from home is that we don’t get any physical activity throughout the day. We were used to walking up and downs stairs and having to commute to work which took a bit of physical exertion. Now, those of us that telecommute, getting to work is as simple as walking across the room.

It’s also a good idea to introduce some physical activity into your day. Stand up and stretch after 30 minutes of work. Or dedicate a portion of the day to exercise. This will help make up for the lack of commute and office wandering. Even just some light jogging and stretching can be a huge benefit to your body.

Speak to professionals when needed

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t ignore any pain that you experience. Discomfort is usually a sign of something going wrong in your body. As such, you should always get in touch with a professional such as a doctor or a chiropractic care service to help you manage your pain. Don’t ignore it and let it fester and get worse.