No one likes to feel stress or self-doubt at work. However, in the workplace, it’s hard to avoid. And an excessive amount of stress and self-doubt can be detrimental to your health and your mental state.

Creating habits that help to mitigate impending work stress and anxiety can be essential to eliminating self-doubt. Any steps you take to effectively minimize stressful situations can be game-changers in your professional life.

We’ve compiled a few simple ways to minimize professional stress and self-doubt.

take it one work day at a time

A sense of overwhelm at work can develop if you allow yourself to become overly focused on the future. Long-term plans and projections have a place but not necessarily in your everyday thinking. In the same vein, spending too much time ruminating on past failures and missed opportunities can negatively affect your well-being.

Practice staying focused on the present moment. When you’re able to do that you will begin to reduce feelings of overwhelm. By taking each day and making the most of it you will help to defuse feelings of professional helplessness and frustration.

Of course, this is something that you have to practice over and over again. In order for it to stick and become a part of your daily routine, you’ll have to stay committed. Certain mindfulness exercises might be helpful here.

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move quickly to avoid talking yourself out of it

Stress often has a lot to do with overthinking and analysis paralysis. In fact, it’s common for many professionals to procrastinate for a very long time. They simply can’t get out of their heads and sometimes the idea of getting started becomes more daunting than actually doing it.

Getting into the habit of taking action quickly and often, without spending too much time deliberating, can help you overcome mental overwhelm. In many cases, you’ll find a lot of your self-defeating thoughts lose their grip once you’re in the process of taking action.

prepare for what’s ahead by doing your due diligence

Being prepared can help provide a sense of confidence about the path you’ve taken. It can also go a long way in reducing stress and anxiety. For example, if you need funds for an expansion project, instead of stressing over the numbers, it might be better to compare credit options. Or, it could mean spending a bit of extra time preparing your notes before a talk or meeting. Consistently trying your best – whatever that means on a given day – is a great way of building confidence and reducing your sense of stress and self-doubt.