Creating authentic content is nothing new. But with the growth of social media, this area has gained in popularity in recent years. We’ve also learned from the pandemic that many of us have in-depth knowledge and information to share. But many women still struggle with not knowing where to start. 

Here are a few ideas to help!

First things first, if you’re looking to build a brand or become an authority in your industry of choice, watch this video to better understand what it means to create authentic content.

the wow factor

Every single time you put pen to paper or finger to keyboard, you should write with the mindset that you want to say something of worth. Your audience should get something different, authentic and new when they read your content. You want your readers to walk away saying ‘wow, I never knew that.’  

only add links that reinforce your message

In the age of clickbait and fake news, you want to be sure that you only have credible outbound links for your website or blog. Click here to see how linking to websites like Forbes and Business Insider as a business, gains you traction from their customers. This is because what you are saying is being backed up by the links that you are sharing. also, when you post verifiable data, like statistics or ratios, you tend to get boosted higher in the Google rankings. Google loves authority and trusted names to be in your links.

know what you’re talking about

If you want to be an authority on a particular subject, start talking about it. But, it’s important to actually know what you’re talking about.  Be honest and share what you learned or how you achieved success.