There are times when we wish we had a little extra cash just to pay for essentials. But then there are the times when we actually do seem to have more cash than normal. When there’s money in the bank then bills are due. There aren’t too many things better than that. Especially, when you consider what it was like to have no money at all.

There’s not much value in just admiring the extra cash. Instead, you should look at doing something with it… but be strategic. In this post, we’re going to look at a few smart moves you could make when you find yourself in surplus financially.

home improvements

Your home is more than a place to lay your head at night and store your belongings. It’s your retreat from the craziness of the outside world. And let’s be honest if you’re going to kill it in your professional life, having a secure, serene, and comfortable base is also needed. 

Home improvement doesn’t have to mean construction or even breaking out a bucket of paint. Consider making purchases that enhance what you currently have and fit into your budget. For example, is it time for new bedding or pillows? Maybe you need a new rug for the living room or a welcome mat for the front door. Or, this might be the perfect opportunity to accessorize your empty bookcase or add some art to your space.

emergency funds

When it comes to money, everything could be going fine – until it isn’t. Most of us are just a tough month or two away from financial demise. So when you do have extra cash on hand, consider creating a rainy day fund first. It’s not the most exciting way to use your money. But your future self will appreciate you for it. 


If you have some extra money, then why not look at using it to generate even more money? If you haven’t invested your cash before, then perhaps now is the time to get started. Right now, the big thing to be trading is forex. Read up on the basics, and then find an ECN broker that’ll give you the best price on the market. You may not generate a full income instantly, but over time, you can carve out a healthy financial landscape. And all it’ll have taken is some time and effort. 


Another way to use your money is to invest in yourself. When’s the last time you did something just for yourself? Consider booking a solo trip, buying a stack of TBR books, getting a massage or treating yourself to a solo day-out. When you invest in your own well-being, everything gets better.