Being a mom and starting your own business are two significant milestones that can be very rewarding. However, successfully balancing both is no walk in the park. Statistics reveal that about 88% of mom entrepreneurs (popularly known as mompreneurs) spend fewer than three to four hours on their hobbies to make more time for their business and childcare. 

Juggling both motherhood and business can be overwhelming and require many sacrifices, but here are some tips to help make the journey easier to achieve a positive work-life balance.

  • Set goals 

Setting personal and business goals will help put your day in perspective. This habit also encourages self-discipline and will help you stay organized. You can jot them down the night before in your daily planner to enable you to start your day right. Try and work towards them as early as possible to free up your day for any eventualities. As a mother, you may need to plan for the unexpected as well, such as your child falling sick. However, having some set objectives for the day will help you prioritize and delegate if the need arises. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you’re not able to achieve everything you planned for the day. 

  • Celebrate your little wins

To successfully juggle motherhood and running your business, take one day at a time. Even as you’re working towards large goals be sure to consciously celebrate the little wins. Taking note of your small milestones will encourage you and help to keep you going. 

  • Have time for yourself

Although you may feel selfish for taking some time off occasionally, your self-care is essential to give you the right frame of mind for building your family and business. In taking care of both aspects of your life, you may sometimes forget to take care of yourself. Which can affect your mental and physical well-being. Even if it’s just one day of the week, take time out to refresh and rejuvenate. Put your phone and devices away and delegate tasks to others. Use this time to enjoy doing things you love the most.

  • Outsource

As a mompreneur, you need to remember that you can’t do everything on your own. Although you may prefer to handle everything yourself as much as possible, that may not always be the best solution. Therefore, it would help if you outsourced some aspects of your business or asked for help to take care of your kids on your most busy days. For instance, you can get your family involved by letting your spouse, parents, etc. help you with household activities to give you extra time for some of your business activities. If you’re running an online business, it’d be best to hire a managed service provider to help with the IT-related aspects of the company. Before considering one, you should find out what an MSP is to understand how they benefit your business.