Having a side hustle has become even more necessary for many. Especially with the current pandemic forcing people to find alternative income streams. Today, 45% of Americans have side gigs. But while it’s great to have a side hustle, you’ll want to find the right one.

And, that seems to be the problem for a lot of people.

So, if you’re considering a side hustle and are struggling to find one that suits you… read this post – for a few mistakes you’ll want to avoid.

  • Going with something everyone is doing

You’ve seen most people start a blog or a YouTube channel, become social media influencers, and so on. The first thought that crosses your mind is, “I think I could do that too.” That’s your first mistake. The mistake is made in your split-second decision to start a gig based on what you’ve seen others doing. Considering what others are doing is a great way to find ideas of your own. Instead of jumping on the first idea, write down a list of all the options that cross your mind and come back to them later. Review your options, weigh the pros and cons, and decide which is best for you.

  • Not doing enough research

So, you’re wondering how to review your options, weigh out the pros and cons, amongst so many other thoughts. The answer is simple – research. That is the best way to learn what works and doesn’t when looking for the perfect side gig. What should you research? Well, what shouldn’t you? You need to know how much it might cost you to start, the resources you need, the returns to expect, the skills required, how well or not your gig will fit in your regular schedule, etc. Your research aims to ensure that your ideal is suitable for you.

  • Choosing a side gig that requires a massive financial commitment 

It’s safe to assume that you need a side hustle to create an extra income stream, as you’ll hardly find anyone doing it just for fun. That’s why it’s called a hustle. Your side gig can land you the big bucks over time, but you’ll be making a mistake if you choose one that requires a substantial financial investment to start. Again, this is where your research should help you. If you’re trying something for the first time, it’s best to play it safe. Look for an option that doesn’t require a massive financial commitment to start.

  • Not considering marketing

No matter what side hustle you pick, you’ll have to market or advertise yourself, and that’s one thing you should consider before choosing. Some gigs may require you to work on platforms with several others offering the same services. That means it might be challenging to get people to notice you if you’re new. It would be best if you thought about other marketing strategies to use to get your services noticed. Whether opt for social media marketing, digital marketing, or advertising using banner spring solutions, ensure that your options give you the visibility you need.