Leaving your 20’s behind and embracing your thirties is a big milestone. It’s leaving the crazy days of your 20s behind and leaning into womanhood.  

Your 20s is where you learned lessons. It’s where you paid your life dues through experience and making mistakes.  Your 30s are more like graduation to the next level of life.

So even if you’re not too sure about what’s next, don’t worry. Your thirties are for finding and embracing your authentic self.

having more responsibility doesn’t mean you’re old

Our 30s are for consolidating our life experiences and lessons that we learned in our 20s.  The great news is that in our 30s we tend to find a real sense of happiness and purpose and this is largely down to a level of acceptance that comes with this turn of the decades coupled with a greater desire to live in the moment, responsibly.

find your best self

If you’re the fitness type, you’re going to love your 30s.  This is because, in your 30s, oxygen efficiency and coordination finally come together resulting in optimal performance in sport.  However, this also means that your brain is functioning more efficiently than it has at any other time in your life. So if you’re planning on starting new creative projects, businesses, buying homes, or any of the big decision types of stuff then you’re going to love the “you” you get to meet in this decade.

create financial independence

Now is the time to look forward to bigger promotion opportunities and greater earning potential. If you’re not already locked into an industry, look for fields that are experiencing growth and expansion. Women in their thirties are playing key roles in developing e-com business, sustainability projects, financial services, and STEM industries.

spiritual growth

Something happens in your 30s.  Along with greater self-acceptance, you tend to start settling into appreciating matters of faith, and even though it’s never too early to give faith a fighting chance, your 30s are a wonderful period for getting on to better terms with the big boss.

considering a family

As many young women are putting off having children until a later stage in life, this deciding when to start a family can start to weigh heavily on your mind.  You may start to think about your next property or if you want to move closer to family or to a more settled area. All of this is normal and expected. Just be sure that whenever you start thinking about starting a family, that the time is right for you.