If you’re considering buying a new home there are a few things you need to consider. It’s easy to get caught up in the home tour allure and not think about the financial aspect. It’s also easy to fall in love with things that won’t matter in the future. Here are three tips to help keep you on track!

having a down payment

Saving for your down payment should be a top priority. But not all buyers need to stash a huge amount into savings. It’s important that you understand the mortgage loan program you’re using. For example, some loans are 100%, so you’ll only need to be concerned with upfront costs (inspection fees and earnest money ) and closing costs.

You also want to take into account how much money you’ll need for the move, furniture, and appliances. These backend costs can add up quickly. You’ll want to be prepared before you start looking.

choosing the right property

When you’re buying a home be sure to consider your future needs. For example, do you plan on expanding your family? Will you need home office space soon? Is the yard big enough for the pool you always wanted?

This means being thoughtful and choosing a property that will be able to accommodate your future needs. Especially if you have plans to start a family. Sometimes even beautiful luxury homes don’t have everything you’re looking for. So don’t be wowed by aesthetics. Be sure that your home has function.

maintaining your finances

It’s time to think about the payments you will have to deal with when you have a mortgage. It’s important that you manage your finances in a way that ensures you’re always able to make your mortgage payment. There’s much more on the line than just late fees and annoying letters. Missing just a few payments could put your home ownership journey in jeopardy.