If you have ever been to a luxurious hotel then you will know that they usually have a spa-like bathroom. But you don’t have to only enjoy this relaxing environment when you’re away from home. Here are a few things you can do to make your bathroom more luxurious.

get good towels

There is no point in having a luxurious bathroom if you have scratchy towels. Think about a luxurious hotel bathroom, the one thing they all always have is soft plush towels. They’re usually oversized, fluffy, and most of all, super soft. This is what you want to be drying yourself off with daily.

decorate your vanity

Your vanity should be one of the focal points of the bathroom. After all, it is probably the part of the bathroom that you will use the most. Take the time to customize your vanity to meet your needs. Make sure that you have adequate storage. You may find that your bathroom needs a little more than vanity decor for it to provide the peaceful space you need. If you need to rearrange a few things consider a bathroom remodeling company.

how to breathe new life into your home decor

explore the power of scent

Think about the last time you went to the spa. What did you smell? Spas use scents to set the tone of the environment and to create a serene atmosphere, and you can too. Find your favorite scents in candles, room sprays, and even wax melts. 

experiment with essential oils

Every essential oil has therapeutic properties. Lavender is a great oil for relaxing. Eucalyptus is another stand-out choice and can be helpful with sinuses. If you need a boost in the morning, lemon essential oil provides a strong but happy scent.