Women’s health is important! It’s the cornerstone of our society. Yet, there’s a growing need for awareness. How you can give back from time to time or what you can do to help may be worth considering. 

Not sure where to start?

With millions of women and girls lacking access to healthcare, it’s an important issue to address. Don’t let the details of how to get involved hold you back. From attending events to volunteering, or even creating a t-shirt fundraising drive, your contribution is needed.

Raising awareness for the cause will help women get the information and care they both need and deserve. There’s a lot of work to be done for this cause. Here are a few reasons why women’s healthcare rights and access are so important.

women’s reproductive rights are constantly up for debate

There are still places that believe women should not have the right to decide when they should have children. In some states, access to abortions is limited by specific timeframes. In others, it’s completely illegal to have an abortion procedure performed.

access to basic healthcare often comes with barriers

All women need to be able to access basic healthcare. Women need to have the right support for their general health, and at minimal costs. Here in the US, until the Affordable Healthcare Act, access to health insurance was dictated by where you worked.

The problem with this is that many jobs only offered benefits to full-time employees. So those hired as part-time workers, have no access at all. Or, even worse, if benefits are offered, the cost is often too great for many families to comfortably afford coverage.

health education is insufficient

Did you know,  in certain countries, healthcare education is limited or even nonexistent? This means many women make decisions about their health without full understanding. Sex education, contraceptive options, and the risks of pregnancy should be common knowledge. Women knowing how to care for themselves properly and how to prevent STIs or unwanted pregnancies should not be protected information.