Did you know that a third of Americans have never interacted with their neighbors? Couple that with last year’s quarantine and social distancing and there are a lot of us who don’t know who we live next to.  However, getting to know your neighbors, whether it’s the person who lives next door or more generally – in the neighborhood – can have many mental, physical, and emotional benefits.

you’ll feel safer

Many people rely on their neighbors to “keep an eye out” when they’re traveling, for any suspicious activity near their home. All it takes is a simple hello once in a while to foster a small connection. which can form a later sense of being part of a bigger “neighborhood family.” These are relationships that can also come in handy in case of an emergency. It’s much easier to go to someone you know, rather than a complete stranger.

tips and connections for maintaining your home

Ever had a simple question about your lawn or wondered if your AC was operating correctly? The truth is a small problem doesn’t become a massive problem – and often the answer to your concern is simple.

Your neighbors have likely had a similar issue. They may be able to give you tips on what to do. Or, they may even provide you with a good contact for fixing the issue. More severe issues may call for a service like Royal Plus or ServPro. Just be sure to consult with your neighbors first, as they may know the best company to reach out to for help.

For example, if you’re having trouble with your sprinkler system, your neighbor may know the trick or know who can help you fix it. 

your social circle expands

While you might not become besties with everyone, getting to know your neighbors can definitely enhance your social circle. When people get to know you by name, it makes interactions more comfortable and inviting. It also makes each party more inclined to offer to help or say ‘let me know if you need anything.’