You want to be a motivating leader, and your employees want to love where they work and the work that they do. If you want to retain top-tier talent, it’s important that you create an environment where your team can thrive. While this may take some effort, the reward will far outweigh any sacrifice.

teamwork starts with you

Teamwork creates a high sense of belonging within the business or organization. When your team members feel included it will significantly increase their motivation. Teamwork can also significantly reduce human error and increase customer service.

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get clear on your employee’s concerns

If an employee is dissatisfied with their job it can have a negative effect on the motivation of other team members. Have regular conversations with employees frequently. Make it a priority to identify tension or resentment immediately. However, be careful with your approach. Not all issues are opportunities for discipline. Sometimes there are underlying problems. These situations are often personal and need to be addressed with empathy and understanding.

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create an open-door  policy

Your work environment should encourage employees to raise issues that bother them without fear of reprimand or retaliation. The task for leaders is to bring the employee from a place of crisis to a place of understanding. Managers have a duty to really consider the concerns and feelings of the dissatisfied employee. 

Whether you agree with the grievance or not, see each situation as a learning opportunity on how to better serve your team. Your employees will respect you more if you empathize with their concerns. This in turn will always lead to a more productive and positive working relationship.