Summer ushers in activity, both inside and out. A poll by Apester revealed that 34% of Americans viewed summer as their favorite season, second only to Autumn. However, after a year of being at home, you may need to do a little maintenance before the summer shenanigans begin.

Consider these tips if you wish to prepare your home for the summer. 

  • get that yard ready

A nice yard is the ideal setting for fun outdoor activities like BBQ parties, outdoor games, and even picnics. But did you know that a serene outdoor space can also provide health benefits like reduced stress levels and improved mood? Which are just a few more reasons why you should prepare your yard for a glorious summer.

  • spruce things up

Is it time to beautify your home’s exterior? Doing this gives you an appealing outdoor space for your summer parties and will also leave an impressive impression on your guests. consider painting the front door, clean your windows, switch out your front door rugs, and pressure wash the walkways and patio. If you really want to add a little spice, purchase some new outdoor furniture, plant some flowering annuals, and maybe even install new outdoor lighting. 

Don’t forget to clean your gutters and drains. Winter and spring showers may have clogged them with leaves and debris. Cleaning them now will help to prevent future wood rot or siding damage.

  • get your AC checked

Have your HVAC checked to be sure it’s summer-ready.  With the sweltering heat, a pre-summer maintenance routine is a must. At a minimum change the filters and check to be sure your system is colling properly.

  • work on the pool

The ultimate summer experience isn’t complete without lounging in your pool during the hottest days. Therefore, you can start getting your in-built or inflatable pools ready for the coming summer. You may first determine if your filtration system works properly and engage a pool team to fix any damages.

You may also clean your pool thoroughly and test the chemicals for a safe swimming experience. It’s prudent to get an efficient pool cover to reduce pool heating costs, save energy and reduce utility costs. You can learn how to build a pool cover from PVC pipe for an eco-friendlier approach.