If you own rental property and are ready to hand off the day-to-day responsibilities of management, a property manager is a good option. Constantly handling complaints, maintenance requests, and tenant screenings may be keeping you from more profitable activities.

A property manager can help to ease the stress of owning real estate. This is especially important for properties that you own in other states. Property managers are trained professionals, but you’ll want to find one that has experience with the type of property you own. Be sure to ask for references from current and past clients. You’ll also want to check to be sure they don’t have unsavory reviews online.

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The types of properties that they would generally be capable of managing would be:

  • Property portfolios: A collection of different properties and rental investments that are owned. 
  • Commercial real estate: Property that’s purpose is intended for business use. 
  • Multifamily properties: Large buildings that generally consist of around 10+ units; such as apartments.
  • Single-family properties

Why property management?

There are many reasons for hiring a property management company. Many of which are highly beneficial, to protect your rental investments. In turn, you gain time freedom for other pursuits and professionalism that cuts out the stress of handling your property.

The detailed list of benefits include:

  • marketing for tenants and screening applicants
  • handling the daily maintenance concerns of the property
  • ensuring that all legal policies and procedures are followed          

Are property management companies profitable?

Professional property management services exist to manage real estate for property owners. This option helps owners that no longer want to be involved with the day-to-day responsibilities. It is important to do your research and ensure that if you decide to use professional services that you choose the right company by asking the right questions. This ensures that you know how reliable they are and that they can bring in the cash flow.