Intimacy should never be optional in your marriage. It takes intentional effort to create a happy fulfilled union. Even if you’re still madly in love, it’s important to put forth the effort to constantly improve your bond. There are many different ways to go about this. Focusing on your intimacy is one method you’ll want to implement.

Unfortunately, many couples misunderstand exactly what intimacy is. So let’s clear things up a bit.

Understanding Intimacy 

People usually think that intimacy only has to do with sexuality, but that is not the case. Intimacy is about how close you are to your spouse, physically and mentally. Sexual intimacy can strengthen that connection but it is only one part of it. It’s important that you focus on all elements of intimacy in a marriage if you want your connection to remain strong over time. 

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Why Is Intimacy Important?

It strengthens your bond 

When you’re married, you may have a strong bond, but that bond still needs to be nurtured. Without physical and mental intimacy, it can be easy for people to grow apart and feel disconnected from one another. Maintaining a  physical connection, in particular, helps you reconnect and strengthen your bond.

If you are finding it hard to be affectionate, you may want to explore new techniques. Consider seeing a sex/relationship therapist like susie tuckwell to help you. Mental intimacy also strengthens your bond, so it’s important to share new things you learn or experience. 

It makes your spouse feel recognized 

When you have been married for a long time, it’s easy to start taking things for granted. Your loved ones can easily feel that they are not noticed or recognized in the marriage. This can have a negative effect on how they manage their mental health. Make time to be physically and mentally intimate. During this time, remove all distractions and make them your primary focus. 

It improves self-confidence 

Feeling disconnected from your spouse can leave you feeling confused. Many people start to internalize these feelings. They will sometimes think that they are the source of the problem. This can lead to thoughts that there is something wrong with them; and that maybe the lack of intimacy is because their spouse is bored no longer interested. These types of thoughts can lead to a lack of self-confidence and can damage your marriage.

Showing attention to your partner and being intimate with them can help to boost their self-confidence. It also improves your own self-confidence and leaves you both feeling much more positive.