The idea of hiring someone to handle the operations of your business may seem to most business owners. That’s because many are used to handling everything themselves. They have grown accustomed to being the ones to give direction and to make final decisions.

But sometimes, the time comes to pass the reins over to somebody else. An operations executive is a leadership role for someone who will work on your behalf to make sure the business runs well.  

sometimes change is needed to grow

At the end of the 1990s, founders of Google, Sergey Brin, and Larry Page approached executive recruiters. They asked them to find a senior executive who could take over the running of the brand. Eventually, they found Eric Schmidt, a much older man with vast experience in running major corporations. He was able to take over the operational side of things, allowing Brin and Page to focus their talents on what they could do best. The result of the partnership was the creation of the third most valuable enterprise on Earth. 

The lesson here is that sometimes you need specific talent to foster growth in your organization. Often, you don’t have the skills that you need personally to build a multi-million dollar business. But if you hire the right people, they can make it happen for you. 

you need experience

Perhaps you’re an ideas person but struggle when it comes to leadership. If that’s the case, then you might benefit from working with somebody who has the right skills to push the company in the direction of your choosing. 

The great thing about hiring a CEO in this situation is that they can decide on the direction that the company makes following your instructions. Just tell them what you want and then let them get on with making it a reality. 

you’ll be able to focus on creating

Here’s another big reason why entrepreneurs hire new CEOs: they want to shift their focus. 

Imagine the following scenario. Suppose that you’ve built your business and now it is humming along beautifully, generating you plenty of money. At this stage, there isn’t always a lot to do other than carry out executive functions. 

At this point, therefore, you might want to move on and try something completely new. In which case, you simply hire a new CEO to take over the running of your old company and pursue a new project. 

you lack the needed experience for the business’ next level

Lastly, you might consider hiring a CEO from the start if you lack experience. If you’ve never run a company before, you might not know what to do. Your role could simply be offering ideas at the boardroom level and then getting more experienced people to carry out your orders on the ground. They can also provide feedback, telling you if they think your proposals are good ideas or not.