Reputation matters and many businesses rely on more than just good marketing to help them make an impression on new customers. The reputation of your business plays a huge role in what people think when they first come in contact with your brand. But what can you do to influence the reputation that your business carries?

be seen, be known

You’re not going to have much of a reputation if people don’t know who you are. It’s important to fight for visibility, especially on social media. This is a heavy playing field where you and your competitors are all vying for the attention of your audience. Start by giving your website a boost Be sure that your website leaves a lasting impression for all that click through to see what you’re all about.

get your current customers involved

If you provide a great product or service there are customers who have a positive impression of you. Make it a part of your marketing strategy to ask for reviews. When people that have already experienced what you offer, spread the word, others will listen.

Consider incentivizing your customers to participate. You can offer loyalty points or discounts for those that are willing to share their experiences on social media, or that recommend your business to their friends with referral systems like It’s also a great way of engaging those happy customers beyond the point of the transaction.

consider working with influencers

A hundred happy customers can do a lot for your reputation, but don’t underestimate the impact of voices that have a lot more reach, as well. Influencer marketing is a very powerful tool when used appropriately.  Personally reaching out or using an influencer agency like can make it a lot easier to find the best influencers to showcase your brand. 

reputation mitigation

Improving your reputation isn’t just about spreading the word about your business.  It’s also about carefully and empathetically responding to those that are unhappy or unsatisfied. While your approach on how you deal with negative reviews and press should be consistent and compassionate.

There’s also reputation management software that can help you handle all manner of snags. From fraudulent or false posts about the business to helping you to craft thoughtful replies to truly dissatisfied customers, this may be something to consider. Either way, it’s always better to be ahead of the fallout, when it comes to maintaining your reputation.