Want to make customers hungry for your food product? The food industry can be very competitive, but by getting creative with your marketing you can stand out. We’ve curated 5 effective ways to promote your product.

make your packaging work for you

Many of us ‘eat with our eyes’ – food is only appealing if it looks good. Snazzy packaging could help your product to look more visually appealing and could help to convert more customers (especially when selling it in a store or at a market). By considering plastic packaging technologies, you can get creative with packaging shapes. Colors, fonts, and images on packaging can have a big impact too. 

attend events

Food fairs are a great place to sell your product – either directly to consumers or to retailers. Unlike other marketing channels, food fairs allow you to offer people a taster of your food. Food fairs can also be great places to network with other food companies and build connections. Just bear in mind that renting a stall at a food fair can be expensive and you’ll have to consider the loss of any food you offer as a sample. 

use social media

Social media has become a popular platform for promoting products. Using targeted ads and strong visuals you can build brand awareness and potentially convert more customers. Sites like Twitter and Instagram can be very effective for food marketing.  It could be worth paying a professional product photographer to take some mouthwatering photographs of your food that you can share. You can also post fun surveys, memes, recipes involving your product and news on products/offers. 

get featured

Getting your food product reviewed or mentioned on an influential food blog/vlog could help to encourage more sales. You may be able to pay some bloggers/vloggers directly to publish sponsored posts/videos about your food product. Other blogs may not accept payment – consider emailing these bloggers and asking them if they’d like to try and review your product. Creating a decent press release could be necessary. 

make seo work for you

Whether you’re trying to get more people to visit your product website through Google or trying to get more people to find your product through Amazon, you’ll need to optimize the right keywords. This involves creating detailed product descriptions containing specific keywords. You could also consider hiring an SEO company. 

get others to promote you

Selling your product through a retailer could help you to get more sales. The retailer can promote the product for you and use their platform to access more customers. They’ll take a slice in revenue as a trade-off, however, you could find that you still make more money as a result. You can find guides on how to pitch to food retailers online.