In business, you have seconds to impress your potential customers. Research suggests that it takes human beings just 7 seconds to create a first impression. To boost sales, attract new customers, and set the right tone, here are some tips to help. 

embody your brand

If you run a business, it’s beneficial to think of yourself as a walking, talking marketing campaign. Potential clients will judge your products and services based on how you interact with them. The impressions you create via meetings, video calls, or telephone conversations. Aim to embody your brand and go the extra mile to make a positive first impression every time you meet someone new.

  • Make sure you’re on time.
  • Be friendly.
  • Maintain eye contact.
  • Show off your passion.
  • Tell your story and let people know about the brand and what it stands for.

It’s crucial for your brand to be able to engage with clients well.

consistency in branding matters

If you own a storefront business it’s an excellent idea to implement policies to ensure that your team is always well dressed. Dress codes or customized uniforms ensure that everyone looks smart and professional. 

You can choose to establish a dress code or provide uniforms customized by an embroidery shop or a local printing firm. It’s important to always consider practicality and comfort, as well as aesthetics when choosing a uniform for your employees. 

growing your brand

If you are meeting with prospective clients or you are pitching an idea or a product to buyers or retailers, it is critical to rehearse, to be confident and assured, and to make sure that you have facts and figures to hand. Be creative and original, ensure that your presentation is interesting and engaging, and try to get the audience involved. Ask questions and let people see the product and try it for themselves.

Take the opportunity to provide a brief insight into the backstory of the brand and show off the human side of the business. Underline and upsell the advantages, the USP and the value your products or services offer customers. 

A first impression can make or break a business. It’s vital to try and impress from the outset. Have confidence in your abilities to promote your brand, maintain a professional appearance, encourage your teams to dress smartly and prioritize customer service and rehearse presentations and pitches.