YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world, and in the last decade, it has become host to a whole generation of creators who make their living on the site. From gamers to beauty gurus – there is no shortage of things to share on YouTube and if you have the right ideas, you can go far. 

Today let’s explore what you need to have to become a YouTuber this year or in the years to come. There are many opportunities here and you could be the next star. 

camera and tripod 

You can’t be a YouTube creator without a good quality camera and a tripod. If you want to be serious about your craft it is important to invest in a good camera for your needs. A vlogging camera for example will be different from a regular one and this will have features to suit moving around while filming. Explore different options and choose a camera that suits your needs, and then be sure to invest. 


It is so important to have confidence if you are to start a career on YouTube. You won’t get any followers and supporters if you are quiet and shy on camera, so it is imperative that you act confidently for success. Be sure to get behind what you are saying and show the world that your message deserves to be heard. 

your skills and talents 

Now is the time to consider what exactly you want to share with the world. Whether it be a skill you have such as art, a talent like cooking, or perhaps you want to share stories or play games with your followers. There are no wrong answers when deciding what content to put on YouTube, and you can find an audience for pretty much any niche. Enjoy trying out new things and consider how you can bring this to your channel and your followers as a result. 

a  P.O. Box 

As a YouTube creator, you will get asked to review items and sometimes you’ll be sent PR packages by companies to test. This is why it is important to have a P.O Box that is not your home address – where these items can be sent. You don’t want the postman knocking on your door every day because it will get old very quickly! Use a P.O. Box to store your things and empty them once a week or once a month. 

video editing software 

It is important when creating video content that the editing is on point. Often editing makes the project and your editing skills will really change the way your video looks. Use a program such as Final Cut Pro to piece together an entertaining video that flows well and makes sense. Editing is as much of an important part of the video creation process as filming and it is here where you can show your skill as well as share some of your personality. Taking a look at a YouTuber such as Pewdiepie demonstrates the power of creative editing because the editing can add comedic value or importance to your content. 


It is important to know before you start going off and making videos that you will not become a success overnight. It will take a long time for audiences to discover and follow your content and you must be prepared that it will be a while before you earn money. You need a minimum of 1000 on a video to start making income through ad revenue – but if your video content is great this shouldn’t be a problem. 

online presence

It is important to consider YouTube as a marketing exercise. You will need to employ some important marketing concepts and procedures in order to gain followers and views. This means building social channels to share and promote your videos; a website that draws people in and shows extra content, and other forms of marketing such as email. You can also consider getting in touch with SEO experts to help you make every piece of content as optimized as possible so that more people are likely to see it.