The current state of the world can be difficult for anyone to process. In addition to current world events, we each also have our own responsibilities to juggle. It’s easy to see how stress can build up and impact us negatively. Built-up negative energy has the ability to throw everything out of whack.

Read on to explore the art of letting go of stress and negative energy; and how to make room for a healthier attitude.

  • Take note of what is bothering you

Stress is sometimes self-inflicted. We encourage stress when ruminating about the past or worrying about the future. Instead of trying to think your way out of a negative thought cycle, write down what’s on your mind. Seeing your thoughts on a page may highlight how unhelpful they are and help you manage them. Write down how you can actively fix the problem, and if it is out of your control – let it go.

To write things down offloads thoughts from your mind. If you need a little extra help, physically scrunching up the paper will act as a release. Chuck it, bin it, tear it, do what you like to it. Then take a deep breath, and focus on the present.

  • Find comfort in your favorite activities

If you feel stressed, it is time to take a break and do something you enjoy. Stress often creates physical symptoms such as tight shoulders and neck, headaches, unsettled stomach, or heaviness in the chest. It can make us feel tired, irritable, and moody. Once you know what is causing you stress, remove yourself from that situation, even if only for a short time, to unwind and recharge.

Ideas for stress-reducing activities

  • Relaxing with a hot (caffeine-free) beverage.
  • Reading something light (fiction, magazine).
  • Meditating and yoga practise.
  • Taking a warm bath or shower.
  • Lying down for a nap.
  • Walking in nature.

  • Reduce stress by changing attitude

We often believe stress is a necessary part of life, and to some extent, this is true; we cannot control what will and won’t cause us stress. But actively looking at life with positivity can reduce it a great deal. Many tools can make life easier if we are ready to help ourselves. Take, for instance; this app will enable you to save money through cashback, so online shopping does not have to be a stress-inducing money vacuum.

  • Practice self-love

It’s all well and good trying to de-stress, but it is more important to believe you deserve to feel carefree. Loving yourself is not always easy, but it is worth the effort of trying. With time it will begin to feel natural, like how you love a friend or family member. Daily affirmations are a good start, practice repeating a mantra three or four times daily to build up your self-esteem so that in times of stress, you will know when to step back and take care of number one: you.

  • Be grateful

Remind yourself of who and what you cherish in life, however small. Write a list to solidify them in your mind. When you feel stressed, you can refer to that list and gain perspective.