2021 is here and the days are already flying by. It’s already February and you might find your good intentions starting to fall away. But don’t give up, you can easily get back on track. Reaffirm your intentions in February and keep up the good work. 


You might have already created a wellness plan at the start of January. If so, it’s time to reflect on your progress and tweak areas/goals for better results. If everything is working fine, look for ways to push yourself to the next level.

Personal healing can seem swift in January. The momentum of the new year carries us on a wave of inspiration and hope. As time goes on, that inspiration may lose its steam. This is why it’s important to do monthly check-in’s on your progress.

use your social media for good

Without everyday inspiration, you might notice your motivation dwindling.  Once you get past all the pesky personal injury attorney ads, believe it or not, social media could be the source of your motivation.

Follow and turn on notifications for accounts that are helpful for your goals. Look for profiles of others that post inspirational, knowledgeable, and actionable tips, quotes, and inspiration.  

attend events – virtual and in-person

At the beginning of the year, your focus was strong. Your wellness routine was perfectly tailored to you. You found ways to integrate your new goals into your current lifestyle and schedule. But life isn’t very predictable and any little hiccup can easily throw us off track.

It’s important that you connect with others that have similar goals as you. This is especially true if you feel like your plans haven’t been going as you intended, make a strong effort to realign. Search the Internet for virtual and in-person events tailored towards helping you reach your personal goals.