Running a business comes with a plethora of responsibilities. Owning a commercial building for your business comes with maintenance costs, you may not have budgeted for. 

Maintaining a building can get expensive. This is especially true if you’re the building owner. When you lease the space, there’s usually a landlord or manager to fall back on for major issues. But this is not the case when that person is you.   


Hiring someone to carry out building maintenance can sometimes be the best choice if there’s a lot to do on a daily or perhaps weekly basis. In addition to making any repairs or improvements, they might also do some cleaning when necessary. However, this isn’t always cost-effective, and it might be best to outsource your building maintenance. Having any issues taken care of by a third-party service as and when you need them can save you money because you’re not paying a full member of staff. You can just call on them when you need them or schedule them for regular maintenance.

focus on preventative maintenance

It’s best to carry out preventative maintenance of your business, rather than waiting for something to go wrong. If you want until something needs to be repaired, it could cost a lot more to fix compared to regular maintenance. If you need to keep your sewer pipes clean, regular hydro jetting can help you to save money, rather than only cleaning when there is a major blockage. Servicing your furnace or heating system will help to prevent problems that could be costly to fix. By planning your maintenance in advance, you’ll know more exact costs too.

don’t put it off

When you do have to deal with a maintenance issue, you should also be sure to take care of it as fast as possible. The longer you leave a problem, the more likely it is that it could get worse and cause even more issues. If you leave it too long, it could become even more expensive to repair. The best thing to do is to make arrangements to correct a maintenance problem as soon as possible so that you don’t end up paying more down the line due to putting it off.

do it yourself

There are likely minor maintenance issues that you or your staff can keep up with regularly. Especially when you don’t have a dedicated maintenance person. As long as you’ve properly assessed any health and safety issues related to the task, you can take care of minor things.