You only have so many hours in a day; so, you must make the best out of them. You can increase your productivity in two completely different ways – working smarter or working longer. For most women, the latter isn’t the best approach.

Whiles being productive can sometimes be a daunting task, it is manageable. It all involves being more focused on time management.

Read on to learn a few out of the box ideas of improving ideas on improving productivity.

1.   Reduce the Time You Spend on Tasks

How often do you gauge the time you spend on all your tasks? A large number of people do not take this aspect of time management seriously. To improve your productivity, start tracking and limiting the amount of time you spend on your daily activities.

Invest in time management tools or apps to determine the time you use on given tasks. With such a strategy in place, you know how much time to limit on various tasks, and which activities should take up extra time.

2.   Stay Motivated

Motivation is an important aspect that influences the level of productivity – yours, or that of your employees. You need to find out the elements that keep you or your employees motivated to do work. In most cases, incentives at work play a significant role in keeping everybody focused on the end goal.

Having an incentive program at your workplace can keep the entire team motivated to achieve the organizational goals. If you don’t know what incentive programs may work best for your business, head over to to learn more about employee incentive programs.

3.  Set and Follow Deadlines

You have heard this so many times – stress isn’t good for your health. But, pushing yourself a little extra is necessary for gaining focus, helping you accomplish your tasks in time, and growing your business. Every time you have open tasks, set a deadline for yourself, and work towards sticking to it. By keeping your mind on the deadline, you will remain focused on the tasks at hand.

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4.   Embrace the “Two-Minute Rule”

The “two-minute rule” involves working to make the best out of any time you have to work on a given task. How this works is that you focus on doing tasks that you have a chance of completing within two minutes. If you do these tasks right away, you will take a shorter time than if you keep them for later. If you implement this strategy, you stand a higher chance of improving your productivity level.

5.   Avoid Unnecessary Meetings

Meetings are a time-sucker, yet you keep booking and attending them unquestioningly. Research shows that the average individual spends more than 31 hours monthly attending unnecessary and unproductive meetings. When booking an appointment, ensure that its goals cannot be accomplished via other means such as web-based meeting, phone, or email, which are considerably more productive.

Productivity is one of the critical elements your business needs to grow. If you want to be more productive at work, avoid working for long hours, and instead work smarter. Follow the above ideas, and you will be surprised how much time you have been wasting on unproductive tasks.