If your job has been affected during the pandemic, you may be considering alternative ways to earn additional income. The flip side to this is that there have been many new opportunities to emerge during this unsettling time.

Let’s look at a few –

driving for dollars

More than ever people are opting to have things delivered directly to them. From groceries to prescriptions, you name it – and it can likely be brought straight to y our home. Many women are not comfortable with driving others around in their vehicles during a pandemic so deliveries might be a better fit. Check out Uber Eats, ute van hire, or even DoorDash for current opportunities in your area.

become a virtual assistant

Do you have administrative skills? Are you detailed oriented and organized? Are you comfortable working from home? …and do you work well with timelines and deadlines? If this sounds like you, you may want to look into becoming a  virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants assist entrepreneurs and small business owners with administrative tasks, social media marketing, project management, and customer service issues. Because you communicate and work remotely, being a virtual assistant can be the perfect fit. Be sure to have access to a computer, email, phone, and internet.

sell your old stuff

Never underestimate what someone else is willing to pay for items that you no longer use. From clothes you no longer wear to electronics that you don’t really use; take an assessment of what you have that could make you some money. Then decide which platforms you want to use.  Somewhere like eBay is no longer your only choice. Research sites like LetGo, PoshMark, and even consider selling your old books on Amazon.

get paid to use the internet or watch tv

Did you know that it was possible to get paid for using Google? It’s true, it is. In fact, there’s a site called Qmee that pays you a small amount for doing what you already do on the internet anyway. Oddly enough there are also sites that pay you for your feedback on new programming.  The Viewers is one example. This platform pays you for your feedback on the latest tv programs.