Being at home may have you exploring ways to make money from your laptop… or couch. While there are plenty of great ideas out there, not all will appeal to everyone. In fact, it may take a little trial and error on your part to find just the right fit.

Here are a few options that you may want to consider.

online teaching

If you’re a qualified teacher or someone with teaching experience, then you probably have the personality type for that. It’s likely you are organized, a good communicator, knowledgeable, and care about the welfare of others. If you don’t have work at the moment, then why not put your talents to use in the online world. The internet has many opportunities to work for an agency or for yourself. You can still apply your talents and generate a good income no matter how long the pandemic lasts. 

app development

If you are the engineering type, you will have a slightly more analytical mind. At school, you probably discovered you could calculate things easily and had a good mind for formulas. This will likely have led you into careers such as engineering, computing, and construction. Lucky for you, there are just as many opportunities online with your skills and personality type. Consider learning coding skills. With more and more automation happening, you will be in high demand, and enjoy what you do. 


Entrepreneurial types tend to be opportunistic with an eye for a bargain. If this sounds like you then you should do well in the digital world as many opportunities are available. Ecommerce is just one of many, but it can make a lucrative business, or two if done correctly. After deciding your niche and setting up your online store, it’s it to develop an effective content marketing strategy. You could hire an agency for this or learn about it yourself, sometimes, entrepreneurs like to outsource work, such as IT outsourcing services, so they can concentrate on growing their business.